At, we work with some of the top attorneys in the nation helping them grow their firms. We have noticed that there are 5 things that they all have in common that make them successful. Law school didn’t teach them any of these things. Rather, they had to learn through the hard way on what not to do and what to do to be successful.


Top attorney performers have their mindset right. They know that their mindset is the foundation upon which everything else is built. Just like the right fuel can give your body energy, the right fuel for your mind gives it a mental toughness and energy to go through the entire day. Mindset encompasses many things, including the discipline to execute on your daily tasks, creating habits that propel you forward (and eliminating habits that hold you back) and maintaining your energy throughout the entire day.


Creating good habits are essential to success. It doesn’t take someone especially talented to be successful and a top performer. Rather, it takes someone especially disciplined to stick to the good habits they need to succeed. Top performers plan out their day and get specific about what they need to accomplish for that day and then they accomplish it before the day gets started. If they need more clients, they market; if they need to get a brief out for an important trial, they write it before they even get in the office. Then the day gets started.

Eat Right and Exercise.

In order to maintain your energy, you have to eat right and exercise. This isn’t where I prescribe you a diet – you should consult a nutritionist who can help you figure out what fuel your body needs- but you need to figure out what fuels your body to be the most optimal it can be. Also, you can’t just work 24/7 and neglect your body. Work your body out like you work you mind out – it’s the only one you have.

Have a Coach That Has Been There Done That

It’s tough being the managing shareholder or partner of a law firm. It’s lonely, with few people to turn to for advice. Every top performer has someone who they turn to who can help guide them when they’re lost. Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson. Michael Phelps had Bob Bowman. Every top performer has a coach who shows them how to grow faster, quicker and better all the while holding them accountable to the goals and metrics they both decide.

They also just don’t pick a coach off the street.  Phil Jackson played basketball for 12 seasons and was a champion as a player well before his 11 NBA titles as a coach occurred.  Bob Bowman was the team captain of his swim team in college.  These people were the very best in their sport prior to becoming a coach. 

Results Are The Only Thing That Matter

Finally, at the end of the day, when you put your jacket away and sit down after a long day, ask yourself what your results were.  It’s not enough to want, desire or just dream of things.  What did you achieve? What did you accomplish? Because results are the only thing that matter.


Because top performers invest in building the foundation of their mindset, they are able to smash through barriers. With good habits, top performers achieve the most they can possibly achieve. With a good diet and exercise, top performers build and maintain the energy they need to execute during the day. With a coach, top performers can dream bigger and have their coaches help them build a strategic plan on how to grow their practices, and finally, with a coach, they can enjoy the fruits of their labor, i.e., their results, because at the end of the day, ideas, hopes and dreams are wonderful, but results are the things that can be seen.

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