Many lawyers I meet still insist that they do not need an Internet presence, commonly citing “I have more than enough business” as justification for no further efforts in their marketing. While they may be content with the level of business they are currently experiencing, they are indeed missing out on a vast majority of today’s clients who primarily use the Internet to do their product/service research.

Without a formidable online presence, you are leaving revenue dollars on the table and not utilizing your business to its full potential.

Why Having a Website is Crucial

There are two primary reasons why, as a lawyer, you need a presence on the Internet. While one applies to all lawyers, the other only applies to some.

The most obvious reason why a website is crucial is that, as a business, it endorses you. Most lawyers work off of client referrals, and if you are lucky enough to get one, that said individual’s first course of action would most likely be to Google you. Consumers do this because this is their first step in their research, and without a simple Google listing displaying your information, that client may very well move on to the next available name online.

Essentially, lawyers operating without a website are unaware of how much potential business they are missing out on.

Secondly, for the lawyers practicing in areas such as family, criminal, and bankruptcy, and personal injury law, the Internet had all but supplanted the old phonebook. Consumers – and more importantly potential clients – perform Google searches to find the type of service they are in need of.

No Room for Excuses

The weak excuse of “it’s too complicated, and I don’t know how” no longer adheres today. There are easy-to-use vendors with templates readily available for all sorts of websites and firms specializing in building them are getting increasingly more affordable. There is just no excuse in not investing in your online presence.

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