Actually, it’s for two good causes. The first cause is for your bottom line, and the second is to promote a charity or good social cause you are passionate about. The cause is called ’cause marketing,’ and it means for a business to team up with a charity they believe in and want to help out by matching the donations by a certain amount of money. The good thing for your business, or firm, is that this is a win-win for both parties. Cause marketing can help promote a business while raising money for the cause they are passionate about. 

The great thing about cause marketing is that you and your business can team up with a cause you are interested in or are linked to somehow. One example is when Maker’s Mark partnered with One Warm Coat to provide warm coats for the winter to needy people. Maker’s Mark created an impressive campaign that included paid media, many different social media platforms, event activations, and public relations. Their primary mission for this campaign wasn’t to gain new followers or make new sales, however. Maker’s Mark’s primary mission was to prove to people that it doesn’t take expensive gifts to make people happy during the holiday season, or any other time for that matter. Instead, it can take a warm gesture by providing the many American’s living in poverty who can’t afford a coat, to brighten someone’s holiday. 

The other thing that is so remarkable is that this tour with Maker’s Mark and One Warm Coat traveled a total of 2,100 miles and across seven different states to help needy people with a warm coat. They also gave out 5,000 hot chocolates and 3,500 gingerbread cookies. But what is most important is that they provided 20,000 coats to those who needed them. 

Although they were not looking to gain more followers or sales for their business, another amazing thing happened. Because of this campaign, Marker’s Mark gained 40,000 new followers from 26.41 impressions across social media. 

As you can see from the above example, cause marketing works best when there is either interest in the cause by the business, or there is a direct link between the two who are teaming up to raise money. 

Sometimes, a business might go the extra mile and risk it all when teaming up with a cause to support. Another example is when Lush Cosmetics, which is a cosmetics business based in the UK teamed up with a purpose to help animals. Lush Cosmetics had been a supporter of this cause for many years before they started the campaign. 

The cause they teamed up with was the SpyCops campaign who spies on undercover cops to find out what they are doing under their assumed identities while being undercover. It was a dangerous move since the police thought they were attacking them. The police department called them out all over social media asking everyone to boycott them. However, what happened was something no one expected. They received a 14 percent increase in sales during the campaign. 

According to research, not only is cause marketing great for the charity, but it is also great for the business who is teaming up with the charity. The reason is that the company can increase its credibility, bring in more customers and clients, and brand loyalty. It is also suitable for the business’ employees by increasing their retention and recruitment. This is because the employees are happy to be working for a company that is helping support a good cause. 

One reason to take advantage of cause marketing is if you don’t have the money to advertise your businesses’ services. You can find a charity that links directly with your passions in life or something similar to your business that you can help support while gaining recognition for your business or law firm. 

Having a genuine interest in a charitable cause can make you look good to a lot of people. Meaning, doing something like this will help both you and the charity. 

What causes are you interested in? What are you passionate about? Take that passion and turn it into a win-win for your business or law firm and the charity of your choice. You and your charity you are supporting will both be happy you did. 

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