When the economy takes a hit, many businesses do whatever they can to get rid of any extra costs to prevent themselves from drowning. More often than not, the marketing budget is among the first costs to be cut down. That is not the best thing to do in this scenario. This is because cutting down your business’ marketing costs could leave a negative effect on your business’ level of success. With that said, instead of slashing your business’ marketing costs, you should spend more money on marketing, and the reason why is because it would help increase your brand awareness.

What you need to do is reconnect with your former clients, as well as the people you know (whether it be personally or professionally), because they might end up becoming either your potential clients or referral sources – both of which would be great for both you and your brand. That being said, two things are worth mentioning here – time and money. You need to use these two things to your advantage because if you don’t, things might not turn out the way you may expect them to.

Make the Most of Your Time

Have you ever told yourself how you don’t have enough time to do the necessary networking? If you have, we strongly advise you to remove that excuse from your life. Why? Because the times have changed, and phones don’t ring as often as they used to ring back in the day. Now more than ever, it is important to connect with people that could potentially become clients or could throw you a life jacket when you need it most.

Most people use the Internet these days, which is yet another reason why this excuse no longer works for lawyers. It can be as simple as sending an email to a colleague from your past and reconnecting. With this in mind, instead of using excuses, use the time that you have to your advantage. Work hard, and things will eventually work out for you!

Spend Less, Earn More

We firmly believe that having lunch with both clients and prospects is one of the best networking activities for lawyers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to share an expensive lunch with your clients. If your current financial situation is particularly bad, feel free to replace that lunch with a nice cup of tea or coffee. It will work just as well as a nice lunch would. The main point here is that you need to spend some quality time with your client because all that effort will eventually pay off later on.

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