Networking is an art and those who master it enjoy more rapid success than others.
Below are some guidelines I have found to be helpful when at a conference or on the rare occasion that I find myself amongst a group of promising new connections.

1.Don’t overwhelm yourself

There may be number of people in the room and meeting everyone is not a good idea. If you manage to meet even just a handful of different people who were previously unknown, you have enlarged your circle significantly

2.Approach the unknown via the known

A wise trick to establish a new connection is to start by talking to those you already know. It may be more comfortable for both parties if there is someone in between to break the ice and introduce you.

3.Approach those people who may be feeling more discomfort than you

A bold move would be to try to approach those who look even more out of their comfort zone than you. It is easy to notice them as they may be standing alone or being quiet in a group conversation. Most will welcome you and may even feel gratitude that someone else took the initiative to involve them.

4.Sit at a table with strangers

If you’re still feeling brave, find a table full of people you have never met before and sit with them. This way, you can at least be sure that you will be able to talk to two new people, those to your left and right.

5.Time is precious

Do not waste your time chatting with the people you meet frequently. It may be exciting to see those you already know but focus on your goal! Rather, utilize these special events to meet new people which in return, will help in expanding your network.

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