How Business Coaching Helps Lawyers Be Their Best

Almost every lawyer can benefit from business coaching. The trick is finding a coach who understands the legal industry and what lawyers need. Anthony Geraci, a lawyer and entrepreneur, founded to teach lawyers how to effectively grow their firms. He got a crash course in business development while founding his own successful firm and […]

Important and Urgent Update | California State Bar Requests Commentary on Non-Lawyers Owning Firms, Practicing Law

The California State Bar yesterday released for public comment a series of initiatives that a task force undertook last year. You can find the full initiative here For your ease of consumption, I am sending along the state bar’s infographic. However, the key components of this public comment are as follows: Whether and to […]

Three Tips to Ensure Your Clients Are Comfortable Paying Their Legal Fees

Lawyers are often times uncomfortable discussing their fees with clients. But if there is no upfront transparency regarding money matters, there can be a miscommunication of pricing expectations between the lawyer and his/her client.  This can often result in the cessation of the client-lawyer relationship. The client may pay the invoice and then drop out […]

How to Get Your Law Firm Noticed by Potential Clients

Even before you build trust and keep your clients happy, you must first get them to notice you.  How do you get noticed? That is the quintessential question that has been asked since the modern age of industrialization occurred.   Enter Edward Bernays.  You have probably never heard of him, but he is acknowledged to being […]

Turning Cold Calls Into Warm Leads

The unsolicited prospecting call, better known as the “cold call,” is an effective sales tool that many lawyers may not feel very comfortable using. What’s the key word in the previous sentence? Effective. Legal professionals may feel they are “above” the cold call. They may believe there are better, less intrusive techniques. They may have […]