Important and Urgent Update | California State Bar Requests Commentary on Non-Lawyers Owning Firms, Practicing Law

The California State Bar yesterday released for public comment a series of initiatives that a task force undertook last year. You can find the full initiative here For your ease of consumption, I am sending along the state bar’s infographic. However, the key components of this public comment are as follows: Whether and to […]

The Most Powerful Employee Motivator

The Most Powerful Employee Motivator Holding back his emotions, he tried to maintain a solemn face and eye-contact as he listened to the employee review being delivered by his supervisor. The topic was the work he’d produced over the last six months. He believed he’d produced adequate work. He felt like he’d been putting in […]

How to Get Your Law Firm Noticed by Potential Clients

Even before you build trust and keep your clients happy, you must first get them to notice you.  How do you get noticed? That is the quintessential question that has been asked since the modern age of industrialization occurred.   Enter Edward Bernays.  You have probably never heard of him, but he is acknowledged to being […]

Strategically Planning for Small and Solo Law Firms

Solo and small law firms face many challenges. Due to their nature, many are too busy to comprehend the fact that Strategic Planning could land more and better business over the long term. If your goal is doing better business, small and solo law firms need a Strategic Plan. How can you expect to get […]