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We coach solo, small and medium-sized law firm partners on how to achieve exceptional results in their law practice. Law school taught you how to think like a lawyer. Law Coaching will teach you how to think like a business person.

What Law School didn’t teach you? Law school didn’t teach you how to run a law practice, how to get great, happy clients without “gray hair,” and it didn’t teach you how to intentionally network.

We’ve been there. Every Law Coaching coach is a proven managing partner and has practiced law and has either built 7 or 8 figure books of business. They made all the mistakes to get there and paid the “dummy tax” so you don’t have to.

Just like you would hire a personal trainer if you wanted to get in better shape, you need a law coach to help create your business plan, hold you accountable to your goals, and guide you to the next level of your business!

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About Law Coaching International

At Law Coaching International, we know that each field of law is different and cannot rely on a “boilerplate” business plan. Before starting any action items, we meet with our clients to find out their specific goals. After analyzing their unique situations, we tailor a custom plan for each of our clients with detailed solutions that work specifically for the way you want to practice (including strategies for marketing, finances, practice management, etc.)

As your coaches, we will analyze the relevant data and key performance indicators (KPIs) necessary to keep your practice thriving. The very first time we meet, we’ll create a blueprint of where we want to take your business. Well study your financials (P&L and Balance Sheet), case intake procedures, and every system that contributes to overall office efficiency. From there, well identify the potential in each team member, from leadership on down. We’ll help you capitalize on their individual strengths, empowering every player to take ownership of their contributions toward the collective goal. Imagine everyone working toward the same vision…That’s when you’re going to feel real progress!

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What the clients say

  • I consulted with Anthony to devise an actionable plan to improve my marketing efforts and profitability. Almost immediately, I saw positive results from new ideas and action plans. Anthony is the wise, fun and funny taskmaster you’ve always wanted to work with. If you are a small or midsize firm attorney who is neglecting the pipeline of your practice, Anthony is the guy to help you implement that New Year’s resolution to do more meaningful business development.

    Shanen R. ProutLaw Office of Shanen R. Prout